Ghost Love Score

19 Mar

This is a wee little post to say that if you go over to Something Wicked magazine, they’ve put up my story Ghost Love Score for free. You can read it here.

And when you’re done — and I do advise you to read the story first — you can hop over HERE and read an interview with me about the story.

In that interview is a link to a music video, and I do hope you watch it. I’ve been carefully not mentioning that, one of my favorite videos and songs, for ages now, so that I could mention it first in that interview. Go watch it!

And at the bottom of the interview is a link to my web-site, which is…here. So if you followed that link, and wound up here, to read a post suggesting you head over there…I’m sorry, this has all gotten very circular, hasn’t it?

Looks like we’re stuck in a loop, like the Enterprise being destroyed over and over again by the Bozeman in that one episode of The Next Generation. How is it I can remember the second starship’s name, but I can’t recall the episode’s title? It’s that sort of brain, I guess. I’d upgrade for a better one, but it’s been too long since the initial activation.

Well I’ve wandered off blithering down a verbal corridor here, haven’t I? Best just to stop right–

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