In Which I Eat My Own Cynicism

20 Mar

I didn’t used to be a terribly cynical person. In fact, I was a cheesily optimistic person, growing up. Somewhere along the way, that shifted. I blame the internet, which is supported by cynicism, porn, and cat photos.

A while ago, I bought a blu-ray player box for out in the living room. We wanted to move the Playstation 3 into the bedroom (can’t play violent video games around the small ones, we found out; it’s been AGES since I played Skyrim, and they are still pretending to shoot fire out of their hands at imaginary dragons in the sky) (that’s not why I stopped, that’s harmless and cute. I stopped because my older son imitated Batman and punched someone. Sigh.) Anyway, we put a blu-ray box out there. I liked it because it’d not only play things on discs, but had Netflix built in, and Napster, which we were using.

Well, then Napster turned into Rhapsody, and an update appeared and the feature simply…went away. We weren’t subscribed anymore, but I was still grumpy. Essentially, the features — and value — of the box had gone down. It’d be like if someone came ’round and said “we don’t do these cars with rear windows anymore, this’ll have to come out.” You’d be put out, is what I’m saying.

The cynicism, though, said “See? This is the sort of stuff that happens. It shouldn’t, but it does. They reach in and remove stuff from your device.” I was very grumpy.

Then, today, a new update appeared. I downloaded it, went back to reading my book. The box restarted.

On the screen, suddenly there was a YouTube feature. And a Hulu Plus feature. And two other features I can’t remember. The YouTube app is smooth and fast and sharp, fills the whole TV screen. I can watch Alan Moore videos, I can watch documentaries, I can watch lectures, I can watch QI episodes, all beautifully on my TV. It’s fantastic.

They’ve added to the box. It does a great deal more than it did when I bought it. The boxes that had youtube features and other stuff cost more, and I opted not to get them…and got the features anyway.

So. I guess that teaches me to be so cynical about stuff.

I have definitely learned my lesson and will never be a grumpy bastard about anything ever again for real honest.


Fingers Crossed Behind His Back For No Particular Reason.

UPDATE: My god, it’s even better than I thought! I clicked on another button they added called Launchpad accidentally (and was sad to discover it wasn’t Launchpad McQuack) and it is a video app which gives me access to Fora.TV, TED, NASA, PBS, Make Magazine, and a wealth of other videos besides. Using it, I just watched Susan Cain’s TED talk on introversion.

Fora.TV and TED were honestly the main reasons I briefly paid for huluplus. And I’ve got ’em for free. I am a happy, happy monkey.

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