The Ridiculous Writing Location Post

11 Apr

Sometimes when I read depressing bits of publishing news, or am just tired and overwhelmed by existing as a social creature…sometimes when I’m frazzled from the kids, the world, bills, and a having a hard time writing…what I like to think about is my Ridiculous Writing Locations.

I kind of think everyone has these: the ridiculous writing location is the probably unrealistic place you’d like to go to write a novel. Neil Gaiman once mentioned — somewhere or another — that he liked the idea of riding a tramp ship across the ocean and writing a book on it (at least, I think that was him). I like that idea too, although I dunno if I’d want it to be a tramp ship. Maybe just a nice sailing vessel.

That’s one of my two ridiculous locations, incidentally.

My main location, though, is the one I think about every time I watch Survivorman, something I’m re-watching right now. I love the idea of going out into the woods and either existing deep in the woods in a pre-built cabin, or else constructing my own (an idea that appeals to me no end). Maybe go out there alone for a year and do nothing but survive, exist…and write. Complete simplicity, and nothing but me, the world, and the work.

My other ridiculous location is on a ship, out at sea. A sailing vessel, perhaps. One where I could work and be useful. Where I visualize myself alone in the woods, here I like to imagine being with my family (although my wife is uncomfortable enough by deep water, I seriously doubt this’d happen). Go sailing for six months or a year. Where to? I don’t actually know. This varies depending on the day. Right now, I’d love to putter down the coast of Africa. By myself? Unsafe, you say? Well probably. But then, this is a ridiculous idea to begin with. I have no money, no really ability — or intention — to shoot off from my family for a year and do this stuff. But still. Everyone has their odd fantasy.

What about you? What’s your ideal it’ll-never-happen-but-I-think-about-it location to go and write? 

(Possibly, not everyone has ones similar to mine, because not everyone really wants to be completely alone like that. That’s normal enough. I like being around people and value what social contact I have, but do take a great deal of peace and calm from being entirely alone. Especially if I’m outdoors. Thanks to reading Quiet by Susan Cain, I’ve discovered this is quite a common trait of an introvert like me.)


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2 responses to “The Ridiculous Writing Location Post

  1. Bella Bowie

    April 11, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    Great question. I love that I now have a valid reason to compare and contrast my imaginary real estate portfolio, I’ll pick two. My first would be spending a year travelling with my husband and son, camping at national parks and writing my best pieces with nothing but the sound of the waves breaking on the shore or the cacophony of creaking pines bending in the wind. Although I’m a tent camper, in this scenario I own the only trailer I’ve ever wanted to own, the Safari Condo by Alto. My second choice would be spending a year living on a houseboat, starting on the English Channel and then seeing where the current takes us (metaphorically speaking of course). Additionally, I have an odd one that is definitely doable, but I’m not sure how it would turn out in reality. I’d like to spend the day riding on city transit (maybe even just one streetcar route) all day,sitting at the back typing away, inspired by the motion and continually changing atmosphere.

  2. Sara S

    April 11, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    A private beach bungalow, the kind you see in ads for figi, Seychelles, and various other luxury beachy spots. Close enough to hear the waves and see the ocean, but far enough to keep the sand out of my laptop or notebook. Or even just a fantastic office or writing space in my own house, where I could throw on some noise canceling headphones and go to town!


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