09 May

The reason I typically fall behind on blog posts is simply that a lot of interesting stuff happens, all of it bloggable, and I become too busy to blog any of it. Then, having fallen behind, I feel the need to recap before posting anything new. Unfortunately, then the pile of stuff to recap becomes so large, I never get to it.

So let’s see:

In the space of the last two weeks, I have emptied an apartment, loaded a U-Haul truck, made an astonishingly gorgeous drive with my family across the country from Minnesota, to Washington. I have fallen in love with a small town in Montana (St. Regis) and then fallen harder in love with the southern Seattle area I now find myself in. I take active and conscious pleasure of how much I love the weather, the temperature, the people, and above all the foliage. It is gorgeous out here.

I have, somewhere in all of this, pinched a nerve in my right shoulder. It hurts a great deal to sit up at a computer, or in a car. I don’t have any idea what to do with something like that. 

I have also stopped using Facebook and Twitter almost entirely.

This just happens sometimes. It’s a very odd thing I don’t understand about myself. I went offline for two weeks, and when the internet was restored, I found myself with an actual aversion to using Facebook or twitter, or even reading the web-comics I was previously reading. I get tense at the mere idea of it. I haven’t opened any of them. Twitter, I have posted to periodically, but haven’t been reading or interacting (and am thus using Twitter wrongly).

Maybe it’ll change. I don’t know why it happens. The last time something like this occurred, my second son was born and I became completely unwilling to visit forums or read web-comics which I had been visiting previously. I haven’t touched them since, not really.

My wife’s family, which lives in this area, is active and very social, something that takes getting used to. I have socialized more in this past week than I have in months. It’s nice, though, but exhausting. We have gone mushroom hunting (they are seasoned pros. I was not.) I found a morel and was over the moon pleased with myself. 

I have begun running again. All of my relation-in-laws (I made that phrase up just there) are runners out here, of a much higher level than I am. So I’m running and trying to build up my endurance and ability again. 

There is a magnificent park just down the street from me, huge glorious forests and paths, and also massive playgrounds. In thirty seconds’ time, I am taking the kids there.

I have also not touched or thought about writing in two or three weeks now. The result is that far from feeling crippled and dreading it all, unable to touch any of it, I am slowly re-approaching writing on my terms, at my own speed. It feels so good to think of writing happily once again, instead of feeling like it’s a series of heavy boxes chained to me (to go all Dickens on you).

There is a very yummy Orange Spice black tea sold out here. I have some. 

And that’s it. Now I’m going to put on a jacket and take the boys to the park to run and terrorize other people’s children.


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