27 Jul

That last video is glorious. I adore bookstores. It’s not just about getting my hands on new books or anything like that, I love the bookstores themselves. A good bookstore is a glorious and magnificent place, a cathedral to books, and there’s a bit of magic to be had there because sometimes it’s a grand and glorious cathedral fitted into a tiny little store-space. 

There was a wonderful movie out last year called HUGO. It was basically Martin Scorsese 1) playing with colors and 2) writing a love letter to old cinema. It was an amazing movie and I really enjoyed it. But for me, it wasn’t a love letter at all to cinema (although I enjoyed that part well enough). For me, the most amazing part was the bookstore in which Christopher Lee worked.

It was glorious. Full of light, and books, and slowness and knowledge and also Christopher Goddamn Lee which improves any bookshop. I practically ached to step into the movie and go into that bookstore. If there’s a heaven, I hope it’s a golden-lit bookstore with Christopher Lee looming over it. 


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