A reason for Apple hatred.

28 Sep

I was thinking this morning about why people upgraded to iOS 6 for their phones and then responded with such gigantic fury over the uselessness of Apple’s Maps and the lack of anything really shocking in the update. Why so angry? It’s not as if Apple said “You can have this update and also we will kill your pet.” 

I think I figured out that the problem is Apple’s own slogans. When Apple releases anything, the slogans are along the lines of THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. AGAIN. everything is the super-ultimate-top-of-the-heap thing, whether it’s iOS 6, or an iPhone 5, or what have you.

The problem is, this doesn’t allow any room for error, AND a bigger problem is that it allows no room for playing around. Everything has to appear as this superduper finished product that works amazingly without hitch. Every update has to have nearly science fictional features….or it’s all ruined ruined ruined.

I think this is one area where Google does better. Google’s attitude is generally “I dunno man, we’re kind of just fiddling about with some stuff.” Google Maps weren’t so great when they initially appeared on the scene…but they didn’t declare it to be the ultimate thing ever invented. Google’s attitude — from keeping everything in beta, to having features in a lab, etc — is always “we’re kind of just messing around with this thing. if it works, sweet! If not, sorry man, we’re still fiddling.” This attitude means that people might not USE a certainly google product, but they don’t necessarily come away in a gigantic ball of Hulk-sized fury.

That’s my theory. I don’t have any proposed solution — nor do I even know if anything is needed. I was just thinking about it.

(Weirdly, as I typed this, I began wondering if you could apply this to the undeserved hostility and snobbishness toward J.K. Rowling on the publication of her new book — the hostility and snobbishness having almost zilch to do with the goddamn book itself.) 

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