An avalanche of writery bits (Novel Update #2)

16 Aug

Working away on the novel. Done about four pages so far of handwritten material. I was intending to go maybe the entire first draft handwritten, but we’ll see if I need to shift or not. Handwriting is wonderful, but a problem I have is that it’s a lot slower and that can cause the writing (in this case, the novel) to get lost in the mix of other stuff, and I don’t want that to happen.

And boy is there a lot of other stuff.

I have got a whole pile of articles to write, plus in September I’m going to start doing a lot more book reviews (not piles of them, mind; that’s not really what BookRiot goes in for, it doesn’t seem…but I do plan to do a number of them each month, because I enjoy them a lot) plus here in August I’ve got two or three articles I want to get done and dusted before I forget all about them.

Plus, I just discovered a really nifty anthology from the always cool World Weaver Press about Fairy stories involving actual, definite fairies. What frequently happens is that I’ll read the type of story an anthology is looking for and in the process, get a story idea based on their theme. I love doing that. It was no different here. I’ve thought up a fairy story, and it involves Charles Dickens about whom I’ve read a staggering amount of biographical material, so I can pretend that my years of obsessing is actually research.

Some day I’ll explain the peculiar exhilaration and enjoyment of writing a historical figure about whom you know a whole bunch. But not tonight.

The novel proceeds interestingly. I thought the first scene would be kind of off-kilter and odd, but what I didn’t expect was an instant atmosphere of terror and menace. I figured that would turn up eventually, but two pages in? That was a surprise. I doubt it’ll last, because I couldn’t sustain a book with nothing but THAT for the whole of it. It’s just interesting how the scene dictated its own mood. I like when that happens.

Right. Time to work. 

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