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Ages, Genders, And Also Ages

Every now and then, a particularly clever piece of spam slips through G-mail’s impressive filters and lands in my inbox. This one is excellent.


We are a  specialized agency in (Global) Customer  Service  Research.
We are starting a big research project in the United States. We need
to recruit `Detect!ve-Sh0pper’ individual to join and work as a surveyor.

There is no charge to join us and this project takes place every month.
You will get $3OO per each assignment. Payment check/money order
will be a certain amount that you will be required to cash at your bank,
reducing your salary and have the rest used for evaluation.

Contact us with your personal INF0 if you interested_.

=:= N.a.m.e-:
=:= PhysicalAddress-:
=:= Phones-:
=:= Sttate,City,Zip-:
=:= Ages-:
=:= Genders-:
=:= Ages-:

Your response would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.


 I’m done with this writing crap. I AM a Detect!ve-Shopper Individual from this day forward! 

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