Pete Tzinski is a long-time author of a lot of stuff, most of which you can’t find, quite a lot of which isn’t published, and therefore most of which doesn’t count for anything but practice. He has been married for a number of years, has a son, and a deep suspicion that these two things are connected somehow. His son, Zach, is around five or six months old.

He drinks quite a lot of tea. Also, he has cats, gerbils, and he stopped counting the number of books he owns when the number hit a thousand.

He wears far too much black, could do with a shave and a haircut, and about six more hours in every day, please.


One response to “About

  1. Mike C

    April 16, 2008 at 7:06 am

    well i was bored one night .. that would be tonight i guess and decided to check out some of the old millennium pictures sites like dragon and as our friend jon always does he thanks people, and i thought id type your name in and see what happened low and behold your still writing like an animal on a mission, still slightly werid but we wouldn’t want to change that would we 😉

    If you haven’t remembered who this is by now ill give you some old clues, I started the ill fated gateway group tried to out do steve with discoveror (i know i know it was spelt wrong go figure) and was a anal rentive prick to boot. Oh and as was always true can’t spell…

    Give up
    Its Mike Conomy AKA Team Discoveror or Euphoria or what ever stupid cyber name i had back in the day. Be great to here from ya,

    Mike C
    The one with delusions of grandure.


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