If the story is available online, I’ll link to it. If it’s in a book, or something, I’ll just list it (and give you a link to buy it, if you like.

– Online –
(this is stuff, mostly fiction, that is online and available for you to read. I’ll add to it as new
stuff appears, or as I remember older stuff that should’ve already been in here. I am not Captain Organized.)

“Ghost Love Score”
Something Wicked Magazine, Spring 2012

“Only Time”
Coyote Wild Magazine, Summer 2007 issue.

“Into Silence, Like a Shout”
Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, September 2008

“Revolving Door”
Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, May 2009

-Print –
(stuff that’s appeared in print, links provided for places to start looking for it, if you want it,
but most of it’s not really online. Obviously.)

“The Haunting House”
No Rest for the Wicked anthology

“Skeleton Fruit”
Blood, Blade & Thruster Magazine, issue 2

“The Knights of the Not-So-Accurate” (with Lucien Spelman)
Blood, Blade & Thruster Magazine, issue 2

“Interview with Piers Anthony
Blood, Blade & Thruster Magazine, issue 2

“Issue 3, Blood Blade & Thruster Magazine
(NOTE: I had nothing in this. But I did the layouts, and the typography and put enough
hours and swearing into the thing that I count it here with no qualms at all.)

– Non-Fiction –
(I write a fair bit of non-fiction, articles and columns that show up in various places. I’m not going to put up everything I’ve ever written that’s non-fiction, and not if it’s appeared on any personal site of mine. It has to have been for someone else.)

(this is an ever-updating index of my work with the wonderful

“October Frost”
The Writer’s Chatroom Newsletter, 2007 (link pending)

“Writing, Pens, Tea”
The Commune, October 2007

The Commune, April 2009

“Writers Without Deadlines”
The Commune, April 2009

“Somewhere Between The Gutter and the Closet”
The Commune, April 2009

“Boom Boom: Thus Spake Peterathustra”
Blood, Blade & Thruster Magazine
(NOTE: This is an audio piece, and I make no apologies for it.
It is Very Silly. Thee be warned.)

“Boom Boom: Bags, Bones & Heartstrings”
Blood, Blade & Thruster Magazine

“Boom Boom: Sim BBT”
Blood, Blade & Thruster Magazine

“Revisiting Star Trek: The Index”
SF Signal
, 2009

(NOTE: This is actually a page that leads you off to seven articles of mine.
It seemed easier to link to the index of the articles that they did.)


There’s more stuff, but this page is getting big. I think probably, I’ll need to break it down into other, smaller pages for the different categories, eh? Well, this is a start at any rate.


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