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The Thanksgiving Story

Once upon a time, Baby Jesus appeared to George Washington who was living in England with all proper people and Baby Jesus said “George, go to America because there’s no one there right now.”

And George Washington said okay, so he stopped working as a lumberjack and said good-bye to his mom like you should before a trip. He got all packed.

He went to his friend Christopher Columbus who liked to sail and said “Come on, let us go to America.” And Christopher Columbus said “okay.”

So they sailed and they sailed. Two days later, they landed in America, outside of Boston, and they were very happy. “Let’s have a big lunch to celebrate getting here okay!” said George Washington. So George Washington and Christopher Columbus and all their friends sat down to eat.

Just then some American Indians came out of the woods. They were very friendly local land-owners who had organized a welcome-committee. “Come eat with us!” said George Washington in the spirit of American Genorosity, and the American Indians did.

And from then forward we have a big meal on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate that Great Feast!

The End.

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