Novel stuff and a Lord of the Rings idea

19 Aug

I have no novel progress to report, and that bugs me. I’ve been writing a lot, sure enough, in articles and a short story I’m fiddling with, but I’ve been so busy that nothing’s been added to the novel. What bugs me is, this is what frequently happens. I get started, and then stuff comes up and somehow I never proceed any further than the beginning, I make blog posts like this one about how I WANT to work on it, but haven’t gotten to it. Eventually, it slips away and I get busy with other stuff. Even further eventually, it slips off the “working on” pile and becomes a corpse.

I don’t want that to happen this time, so I’m trying to be aware of it. I’m a few articles ahead of myself at BookRiot, so I’m hoping that tonight I can focus my brain enough to sit down and work on the book. I want this one to happen, dammit. I have a feeling of being irrelevant as a writer until I start producing books. That may be an irrational and silly feeling, but there it is.


So recently, I’ve been watching Game of Thrones (which it turns out I love) and re-watching the Lord of the Rings extended editions, which I haven’t particularly seen in years and years now. It’s gotten me thinking about the Lord of the Rings novels. I read them exactly once, back when the Lord of the Rings movies were first coming out. I read them in vicinity of the Two Towers release, but I no longer remember precisely when in there. (god. That was 2002. I wasn’t even married yet. That was a lifetime ago.)

So I’ve been watching this stuff and thinking I should re-read the novels. It’s been a lifetime, as I said. And I thought it might be fun to read them, chapter by chapter, here on the blog. Maybe give it its own page. Once a week (or so) read a chapter, post my summary of it, my rambling thoughts and notes about it.

What’s more, it’d be fun to have people read it along with me. Significantly more fun than just reading it by myself. Isn’t this what the internet’s for? SO WE CAN ALL READ BOOKS TOGETHER?

It is. You don’t need to look it up. It’s for this, boobs, and cats.

So if that’s an interesting idea to you, lemme know, here or over on twitter. If it seems like fun to anyone besides me, then I’ll figure out a schedule. It’ll give us something fun to do over the winter. Hell, we could even read through The Silmarillion, a book I own an expensive copy of for the pictures alone and nothing else. I have never managed to read more than a handful of pages of that book.

Anyway, let me know.


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